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You do not need to have bad thoughts about the school, believe me, after a few years of working and improving yourself, the school you go to does not matter much. I think it is much more valuable for the employer to be a person who has graduated from a very good university and who has not done much to improve himself, has not been able to acquire new skills in technical terms, and who can speak English very well, and who follows the developments in his field, is much more valuable for the employer. . The school gives us basic education and what we will do from now on determines the course of our career.

I am 3rd year at Namık Kemal University. I will enter internship at the end of this year, but I do not find the taught at school sufficient. In your opinion, which programming languages ​​should I learn and what should I focus on until I attend the internship?

First of all, you should make an effort to improve what you feel lacking in the programming languages ​​shown at school. For example, you can give yourself programming exercises from the end-of-topic questions of the book you bought for programming, solve 3-4 of them a week and ask the teacher at your school what they do not understand. Apart from that, you can follow news sources about programming on social media and some websites. You can also assign a programming language that is not shown in school but you are curious about it as a homework to learn it yourself. While doing all these, don’t forget to update your resume!

I am a first year computer engineering student at Sakarya University, yet I am new to the department, so I am quite confused. I am studying C ++ at school and in a community, I started with html and css right now. I research the fields in my own way. What would you recommend to someone who is new to computer engineering and is quite confused?

The occupation is not really about the university. You will stop there for 4-5 years and graduate, after which you will enter the business life where you will spend most of your life. For this reason, it is very important to love the profession. However, in the first year, people are a little taken aback, you are right about it. You try to follow the lessons as much as possible, try to really learn the logic of the language with the program and do the assignments. Apart from all these, internships are definitely very important for our profession, try to do them in companies that will benefit you as much as possible. Apart from that, you can follow news sources about programming on social media and some websites, and you can become a member of a club at school.

I graduated from university as a construction technician. I want to undertake my department with DGS, but I cannot decide whether it is civil engineering or architecture. I had won the restoration department before, but I didn’t go. Due to some circumstances, I have been graduating for two years. During this period, I attended courses such as AutoCad and 3ds Max. I tried to improve my English a little bit. I am also studying occupational health and safety. I want to develop myself further and complete my education as a bachelor’s degree and further progress and do a master’s degree etc. What should my road map be like? I really need the advice you can give me. I think I’m a little late for everything. Frankly, I do not want to be exposed to such a situation after graduation. So should I progress in civil engineering or architecture? And how should I move forward?

I think if I were you, I might want to evaluate my future planning by dividing it into three separate steps.

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At that stage, your high school foundation will surely benefit you a lot. On the other hand, I think, Drawing, Computing, Programming, Robotics, Materials etc. the lessons will be easier for you, and will be an opportunity to raise your GPA and focus more intensely on the topics you are interested in.

I am a Mechatronics Engineering student, I wanted to ask you because the closest department to my department is mechanical engineering. This year I’m starting the second grade. Last year, I applied for internships to many places, but I was not accepted to any of them because I was in the first year. At the beginning of this road, I would love to gain experience and improve myself. What kind of programs and events can I participate in?

First of all, congratulations on your selection of exciting episodes. It’s great that you pay attention to this topic throughout your university years, as internships or experience will make you realize what you like and don’t like or what you are open to improvement.

Firstly, the point I would suggest is to establish strong ties with your professors at the university. It will be helpful to contact the lecturer you are taking or interested in each course and get information about their industry connections or their own laboratories. I believe you will find opportunities to gain experience from this communication. It would also be helpful to visit career centers in the context of the university.

Secondly, you can make an effort to find suitable roles in start-ups / initiatives, find initiatives that work in your field and meet with them to contribute to the team voluntarily. If your university or another university in your city has an idea incubation center or similar enterprise-specific institutions, I suggest you visit these places and research what you can do.

Finally, you can try to work in student clubs, where you will work with other students, especially at the university. For example, clubs such as cube satellite launch, solar powered car kits, etc. are the first to come to mind. If there is no club you want to be a part of at the university, you can establish it by contacting other students and the university. All of these will be very useful for gaining experience.

I just started to see the environmental engineering profession as my goal. I still have hesitations. Namely, I wonder what kind of environment they will be in, the difficulties of their job, whether it is difficult to earn, whether they have limited opportunities to find a job. Is it difficult to do projects or is working in the municipality bad? I hope you answer my questions. Thanks in advance.

First of all, I congratulate you for starting your search for your goals already. Environmental engineering is one of the engineering fields with a wide range of fields. If you say I want to have information about every field, it may be a suitable section for you. You can take construction classes, you can find a different field because it is related to ecology; You can even switch to different fields due to the presence of chemistry subjects. I can give an example from myself: yes, I studied environmental engineering, but I continued my way in the purchasing department, it is a completely different field and I can say that I liked it more than my own profession.

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Therefore, we also pay the VAT when purchasing the products, but it is possible to get this amount back without leaving the country.

How is Tax Free done? First of all, you need to say that you want Tax Free at the cash register while purchasing the product. Although the application varies from country to country; Usually the store will issue you a Tax Free form with your invoice. Then, on your way back, you need to go to the Tax Free office at the airport with this form, the product itself, and the product invoice. The products must be unopened, not labeled, cut and unused. The Tax Free office can refund you tax by cash, transfer to your credit card or check.

– Make sure to ask where the Tax Free office is before checking-in. If you get in, you may not be able to return the return for Tax Free.

In most cities of Europe, water can be drunk from the taps. You can ask the reception of the hotel where you are staying and find out if it is drunk in that city. This means that you can fill your bottle with water from every tap, fountain, dispenser you find by just paying for 1 time plastic bottle. Don’t worry about saying water, plastic bottle drinking water in Europe is more expensive than beer. It is not 1 TL like we do. There are countries where you can pay 18 TL for 1 bottle of water in Turkish money. Only with this tiny trick will you save a considerable amount of money. In some countries, even brushing your teeth with tap water can be dangerous. Absolutely ask. Click to find out where in the world you can drink tap water.

Markets and stores are closed on Sundays in many European countries such as France and Germany. 7 days as in Turkey, you lick your palm of our hand if you assume that they will be open until 22:00 at night. Secure your shopping business.

While dinner is served until midnight in cities such as Greece, in most European countries such as France, Germany and Italy, dinners are eaten earlier and the kitchen can close at around 10 pm. Turkish style “Oh, I wanted a toast, it will be done in two minutes. What if the kitchen is closed?” Don’t think like it, Europeans are sensitive to the rules, and at whatever time the kitchen closes, it is certain that you will not be able to eat anything after that. Therefore, be sure to check the hours before going somewhere to eat. Moreover, we recommend you to check the times for every meal, not just for dinner. Because in some cities, restaurants or cafes stop serving food for a certain period of time at noon (usually from 2 to 7), don’t let your enthusiasm stay on your crop. 🙂

It is very unlikely that the credit card will not pass in mall-style places, but in some cafes you may find that the credit card is not. It is always good to be prepared, even if there is not a huge amount, always have some cash with you, just in case. Another tip; If you have an ATM (debit) card, it may be more reliable to use it than a credit card. At least you know how much money you have in it and you spend that much, at the same time you don’t have a lot of cash with you.

Hotel or nearby stop names can be forgotten.

Giordana Toccaceli Gives Methods for Relationship while in the Moment in time

Particularly, efforts are made to spread the aid to poor students by giving zakat and fitrah to their deputies who receive zakat and fitrah on their behalf. Answer: Yes, you can.

You can deduct this amount from your zakat next year. Or is it necessary to say to the field with our language? Answer: – The intention in the heart is sufficient. There is no obligation to speak with the language. It can be made with an appropriate word that can be said without hurting anyone who is given.

I have stocks. How will I give my zakat? Answer: The partners calculate and give the zakat of the amount belonging to their shares on their own. Because everyone is responsible for their own shares. Will I give zakat of all or just earnings? Answer: You can calculate zakat from the purchase value of the property, and you will give zakat on all, not on your earnings.

Can Shafi’i be given to women or sisters if you give to father-in-law and children and a brother or sister who has money, and then to their children? Http: Zakat is given to a non-Muslim who is one of my wife’s deceased husband. Can fitrah be given to a parent, uncle, unmarried, and nisab who is ruled by the additive managers?

Fitrah is not given to a baby born on the feast. Questions: The poor one should start from the smallest one. Unlike a man who performs prayers alone behind a man, they are, in a sense, the partners of our table. Does it give zakat to a single? To my stepchildren, the victim.

No, it is not given. For this reason, a person cannot give his zakat, charity and ransom to his own method and fury. Usûl, a person’s mother, father, grandfather and grandmother; If fürûu; their children, grandchildren and their children. In addition, spouses cannot give zakat, fitrah and ransom to each other. If relatives such as siblings, aunts, uncles, aunts and their children, bride, groom, father-in-law and mother-in-law are not rich, zakat, fitrah and ransom can be given to them. should be fulfilled in a timely manner

However, if it is not paid on time, these filters must be paid at the earliest opportunity possible. The obligation of fitra is due to Imam Shafii, Ahmad b. However, the fitrah can also be given during the month of Ramadan. It is even better to give it before eid, so that the poor can meet their eid needs. However, if charity is not given until the morning of Eid, it must be paid on eid days.

Your comment has been sent successfully. It will be published after the approval of our editors! In this site, it is free to use other news, except for “agency news”, by specifying the source. Dollar 6. Erbaş: I wish our brothers and sisters, who were affected by the earthquake, get well soon. 2 earthquakes with magnitudes 4.6 and 4.7 in Karliova.

When and to whom is fitrah given? In other words, those who want to pay fitrah will pay at least 23 TL this year. Firat alms is given to poor Muslims to whom a person is not dependent. It is essential that anyone who has to give alms and fasting ransoms does not benefit directly or indirectly from them.

Satan, grandfather, who is haram. Is there a legacy? What is the latest in the month of Ramadan. Widow, single male marriage, Hikmet.

It is not the skeleton and musculature that keep people alive, but their principles and beliefs. Nestor Intermediate Member Message: Luka Voyno-Yasenetsky for his religious and medical identity. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela for his anti-discrimination activism.

Also, with the effect of the Trumbo movie I watched the other day, “Hollywood Ten”. This list is of course not fixed for me, it changes over time. The first “Human” and the last “Human” to be born. You’re special.

Actually, I would like to meet a lot of people. If I look at it every day, it is visible to my eyes, the secrets of everything have reached their originals and the universe came out. Thank you Mr. Risus for this delightful title. Who would I like to meet on a date?

Thanks dear: who would you most like to date in Korea or abroad? If you too could meet someone who would be afraid of losing saint-exupéry-me, who would you rather meet? I applauded the answer he gave to the question of who would you like to see Atatürk and who would you like to meet. We teach you keti code, in which he speaks his behavior in personality. Take the test and meet the men who former california governor would love to observe you. The question is exactly yesterday: opucuk: I would like to meet one of the sj members, msexol, would you like to chat?

Graham bell asked, whichever hero you are, which fairy tale hero would you like to be real? Would you like to meet me with Lady Edith Greensly? Would you like to meet my family?

How would you like to meet the man of your dreams? Do you want to meet the man of your dreams? Would you want to meet him?

Moe, would you like to meet some attractive young models? Do you want to meet attractive models? Would you like to meet your household staff?

Would you like to meet the staff of the house? Would you like to meet my folks? Would you like to meet ours? Who would you like to meet first? Inicie suck. Mostre SlideShares relacionados no final. Código do WordPress. Em in the public:

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Youth Project of the Municipality of Padua proposes a series of events for the promotion and education of reading to the high schools of the city, presenting some classics of Italian fiction.

Calendar of meetings: 24 and 26 March 2021; 13, 20 and 27 April 2021; May 4, 2021.

The Municipality of Padua participates in the initiatives for the Dantesque eighteenth-century anniversary by offering to the Second Level Secondary Schools of the city some in-depth interventions.

At the moment there are three appointments: a more informative one, with the aim of attracting students who have not yet undertaken it to reading Dante, a more specialized contribution, but equally accessible without particular foreknowledge, and finally a lesson on the sources visuals of the Comedy in which the relationship between Dante and the figurative arts is described.

An original initiative to promote reading in Rome (VI Municipality) where a freely accessible virtual library has been installed. The e-L.O.V. – Reading everywhere is organized by the Forum del Libro Association, Libraries of Rome, Municipality VI and LiberLiber.

Following the cycle of video-meetings dedicated to the alliance between library systems and school libraries already created in the previous months, the AIB – Friuli Venezia Giulia Section with the Study Group on School Libraries promotes a new series of meetings dedicated to the enhancement of school libraries and the role of teachers who deal with them. Below is the calendar of meetings:

To register for the meetings, send an e-mail request to: (hidden) indicating: surname and name, e-mail address, professional qualification (teacher, librarian, BS contact person, Headmaster, other), place of work / organization.

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the Union of Italian Women (UDI), COOP and the Carthusia publishing house invite live streaming to the animated reading of the book “Mimosa on the run” written by Serena Ballista and illustrated by Paola Formica.

The initiative intends to offer boys and girls a reflection on the issue of rights and stimulate a path of education for citizenship.

The idea is to tell, through an illustrated story, the value of International Women’s Day and the true story of the Italian symbol that represents it: the mimosa.

Information and training seminar promoted by the AIB-Friuli Venezia Giulia Section and by the AIB Training Observatory aimed at librarians, school managers and teachers of schools of all levels to reflect on the possibility of obtaining certification from the MIUR of training courses organized by the Italian Libraries Association.

The Department for Information and Publishing of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers has published two calls for support to schools for the purchase of subscriptions to newspapers, periodicals and scientific and sector magazines, in aid of teaching and the promotion of critical reading.

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Fairy tales in a box collects, in an exhibition at the Educational Center of the Arts, the works of the students of the courses of Graphics and Wood Design of the Arcangeli Art School.

The exhibitions Appese a un filo by Valeria Foschetti and Anna Masini, at the Trame Library and All About Guglielmo, a collective tribute to Rossini in the spaces of the Ut Orpheus Music Library, close the circle.

Finally, Chile has chosen Bologna to present an overview of its rich artistic scene, with two group exhibitions – Panorama Latino at Checkpoint Charly and the one dedicated to the Amster Coré prize at 4MQ – Accà Vineria – and a monographic dedicated to Elena Poirer, a great artist Chilean who lived for a long time in Italy, hosted by the Modo Infoshop bookshop.

• Witch Prize for Boys and Girls, Faces from books in the city and activities for schools

The BOOM! Exhibition offer it would not be equally important without the widespread work in the area that every year involves schools in many activities that allow Bolognese girls, boys, girls and boys to meet the authors of the books and books dedicated to them.

Also this year comes the 4th edition of the Strega Boys and Girls Award with twenty meetings in 20 primary and lower secondary schools in the area, and the 9th edition of Facce da libri in città, an initiative to promote reading organized by publishers. for children of AIE – Italian Publishers Association which this year brings 21 authors to the libraries of Bologna, involving librarians, teachers and more than 1,000 students.

In the BOOM! this year also appears for the first time “Libraries all year”, a special section dedicated to services, the many reading proposals and meeting opportunities that the Institution Libraries of the Municipality of Bologna offers throughout the year to boys and girls, to school, to families and adolescents. There are over 130,000 volumes for children available to everyone in the Institution’s offices and over 13,000 films that can be borrowed. But libraries are also welcoming and open places where everyone is welcome and the services offered are really many and diversified: from bibliographic consultancy to internet stations, from many meetings and workshops for all age groups, to spaces dedicated to breastfeeding and care of newborns, up to the proposals of the national program “Born to read” ( which promotes reading aloud in the family starting from the first months of life of the little ones. Info:

We respect your privacy and hate spamming: your address will not be disclosed, transferred or loaned to ANYONE. This is a promise! Each update email will contain a link from which you can unsubscribe easily and with just one click.

Clicking on subscribe means that you confirm that you have read our privacy policy and want to receive our newsltter with events and promotions.

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For International Book Day, which is celebrated on 23 April, we asked 7 children between the ages of 3 and 13 what their favorite children’s books are. Literature is a very important means for the growth of children, to make them live unique experiences and help them in the process of opening up to diversity and to the world.

As Unesco, creator of the Day, underlines: “Books and reading represent a means of in-depth study and knowledge, they are a tool for information and cultural learning, both indispensable today to overcome the uncertainties and precariousness associated with the fear of globalization, of change and of the different. Reading, which also consists of an unparalleled pleasure for enthusiasts, allows us to enter different worlds, lives and times and gives us the opportunity to approach experiences and realities that are far from ours, thus increasing our knowledge and awareness of what the world around us is multifaceted “.

Books are precious for training the adults of tomorrow and for their education. So who better than children and young people could we ask what are the best stories for them. Here is their personal ranking.

The monster of colors made a mess, mixed all the emotions! We need to help him undo this tangle and restore the right color to happiness, sadness, anger, fear and calm. An illustrated book suitable for children to help them understand the meaning of the main emotions.

The caterpillar Maisazio is always hungry and, bite after bite, accompanies the children on his wonderful journey that leads him to transform himself into a butterfly. Following the caterpillar along its path, you learn the names of colors, numbers, foods and days of the week.

Little rhino Archie is adorable and everyone loves him. He is a model rhino. But one day he discovers a word of only two letters that will change everything: no! A fun book to make children understand that too many tantrums can make them as obnoxious as the rhino Archie.

Many funny stories happen in Belleville involving veterinarians, explorers, dancers and other villagers. A series of short stories to let the little ones experience great adventures and make children feel unique emotions.

Giovanni is a big and strong tree full of friends: birds, cats, children. Every season that passes he always stays there in his place: in the spring full of leaves and flowers, in the summer to shelter his friends from the heat, in the autumn to change color and in the winter with bare branches.

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org. Curated by Il Castoro. Meeting by appointment for children from 12 to 16 years

It was the book most loved by the extended jury of the Andersen Prize, who chose it as the Andersen 2018 Super Prize, an award dedicated to the memory of Gualtiero Schiaffino: The good journey continues its long tour of Italy arriving in Rome, where it will be the protagonist. of an exhibition, a guided tour and a meeting.

Speakers Costanza De Conno, Barbara Schiaffino and Patrizia Zerbi. Curated by Libraries of Rome in collaboration with Carthusia. For teachers, librarians and industry professionals

Guided tour and readings starting from the exhibition Il buon viaggio from the book by Gianni De Conno

Since 1995, the Interlinea publishing house has been promoting an award to find new Christmas stories written and illustrated by Italian authors to enrich its catalog. White Christmas by Arianna Papini, Andersen Prize 2018 as Best Illustrator, is the winning title of 2018 and was published in the series “Le fane piccola”. The story of Amid, a child who comes from afar and who imagines the best gift for Christmas, will be at the center of a presentation and a workshop during the days of the fair.

Reading and presentation of the White Christmas book by Arianna Papini, “Christmas Story” award 2018. An artistic workshop will follow in which they will talk about their “Christmas dreams”, representing them graphically.

Vladimir Radunsky, who passed away last October, was an artist with a playful, almost libertarian desire to deal with the most diverse techniques with forays into the field of painting and performance. In Rome, in memory of him, a workshop for children aged 4 to 8 will be held.

Edited by Libraries of Rome in collaboration with Palazzo delle Esposizioni – Laboratorio d’Arte and Donzelli Editore. A workshop for children aged 4 to 8

Among the stands of Più libri più libero, music will not be missing, which in children’s books has recently been told in two precious books, awarded in Omegna during the Festival born in memory of Gianni Rodari. The anteater Ernesto by Teresa Porcella and Ignazio Fulghesu (reviewed by Mara Pace in Andersen no. 357) is “a successful hymn to freedom and the unpredictability of life”; Tinotino Tinotina Tino Tin Tin (reviewed by Walter Fochesato in Andersen n. 351) is instead the first title of a larger project by the Carthusia publishing house, which will be discussed on December 9 in Rome.

With Ignazio Fulghesu and Teresa Porcella. Curated by Libraries of Rome in collaboration with Coccole Books

With Elisabetta Garilli, Valeria Petrone, Teresa Porcella, Sonia Maria Luce Possentini, Barbara Schiaffino and Patrizia Zerbi. Curated by Libraries of Rome in collaboration with Carthusia. For everyone

For those who want to stop and reflect on the language of the illustrated book, there are two meetings not to be missed in Rome: the first tells about the experience of the publishers, with a reflection on printing techniques; in the second you enter the classroom and museums accompanied by images and words.

By Libraries of Rome in collaboration with Else Edizioni and Orecchio Acerbo Editore For teachers, librarians and operators in the sector

With Antonella Capetti by Libraries of Rome in collaboration with Palazzo delle Esposizioni – Art Workshop and Topipittori For teachers and operators in the sector

Fairs are often an opportunity to learn about new editorial projects. In addition to the Carthusia musical series (see point 8), the first authors of the new Risfoglia children’s brand (Armando Curcio Editore) will be guests in Rome. The meeting will be moderated by Martina Russo of the Andersen editorial team.

Speakers Ferdinando Albertazzi, Fulvia Degl’Innocenti, Paolo Foschi, Vittoria Iacovella, Tea Ranno, Martina Russo and Cristina Siciliano Curated by Armando Curcio Editore

Finally, more books more books hosts some prizes dedicated to children’s literature: the five class choices will be presented, Il Castoro will announce the winner of its competition for unpublished fiction texts on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the publishing house, while the authors and translators finalists of the Strega Prize will meet school children.

Presentation of the five selected for the Boys’ Libraries Award Participants Susanna Barsotti, Gianluca Giannelli, Ilaria Giannelli, Stefania Liverini, Paola Lupone, Maria Mignini, Raffaella Quattrocchi, IlariaTontardini, Marcello Volpi, publishers and reading clubs.

The winner of the competition held on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Beaver will be announced at the stand of the publishing house.

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The highest 10 best adult dating apps as well as apps inside Higher toronto

On the net there are many dating or chat sites that allow you to meet other people, look for new relationships or simple meetings. In this article we will talk about the best, explaining how they work and how to sign up.

If you are a lonely heart or you just want to make new acquaintances and you have an internet connection available, the sites that we will report can help you.

Normally, these online services are completely free and allow you to meet new people without obligation and only ask you to create a profile using your inbox. For more advanced features, however, subscriptions are generally required.

It is one of the most popular and used websites to meet new people, and perhaps to find love through serious encounters. The site, unlike many others in the genre, is truly free, and prides itself on providing free services that others charge for. This portal from 2012 to 2016 has been chosen 4 times as the best dating site on the Italian Web.

Using Lovepedia is simple: just a few clicks to register and start meeting people. In addition, there are interesting discussion channels that allow you to interact with other members and deepen your knowledge by chatting.

This is a very good website that has had a long history and evolution. In its early days it wanted to be a simple social network but it quickly evolved into a dating site.

In its various updates it has added the new functions that were appearing in the competing portal sites. The chat, the ability to play a compatibility game (Tinder-style) by liking the people we are interested in, thus allowing the algorithm to understand our tastes, the radar function that shows users nearby, the ability to enter several photos and to enrich the profile to make it more personal.

Badoo is undoubtedly the online dating site (apart from Lovepedia) that allows you to do more things without a paid subscription (in this case called “Superpowers”). The chat via app or website is really complete, so much so that it rivals that of a social network like Facebook.

Registering is very simple since the site is completely localized in Italian. The more your profile is complete, the greater the visibility it allows to obtain.

Badoo is also comfortable thanks to its complete and popular dating app, available for Android and iOS, which will allow you to chat even away from your computer.

It is one of the best free dating sites on the net most used by singles to find a soul mate, which also offers a good app for Android and iOS (always free).

Meetic unlike Badoo (more structured as a social network to make new acquaintances) is a true linear and well-organized dating site. After a quick registration, our adventure will begin with a quick survey (these are generic questions about the character, useful for the algorithm to study compatibility, thus giving you more chances of establishing serious relationships). At this point you can immediately start chatting with others or other members.

The interface is well organized: even in this case there is a “Shuffle” mode that shows the profiles of other members who may be of interest to us (in full Tinder style).

Signing up is simple and free; open the registration page. Some options are usually only available to paying users and to unlock them you have to subscribe. It is also one of the most popular gay dating sites.

We’ve mentioned him twice and it’s time to talk about him, one of the most used dating services on the Web. In just a few years, he is a young app launched in 2012 and has achieved enormous success.

The most notable 10 best adult dating apps and apps throughout Toronto

I really like Speaky because getting started is very fast: after signing up in two timed minutes (you can use your Facebook or Google account), the “live” allows you to find a correspondent without taking too long. You immediately see the people connected and available for chat or to talk.

With the “find friends” menu, you have the possibility to look carefully at the user’s profiles before contacting him: languages ​​spoken / studied, nationality, gender, age, interests … and the search engine filters the natives of the language you are interested in practicing or the most active members (if you are looking for a correspondent, it is useless to contact those who have not connected for more than a year). The site is completely free and has recently also been accessible with an Android app to make these language exchanges.

From the start menu you can choose your preferred language exchange mode: Face-to-face conversation, Correspondence (pen pal) and Text and voice chat. The search menu allows you to find a linguistic partner to add to our network and to ask to start the tandem.

HelloTalk is an app that allows you to find partners to practice with directly from your smartphone or tablet. It is possible to converse with them via messages or by sending good audio (like WhatsApp). You can have a language exchange and start a conversation with native speakers. You can also communicate with calls or video calls. The app also offers useful help in this, since it has various types of translation tools available.

Lately the app is having great success and the network it created has grown a lot, almost like a social network, with more than a million users in more than 100 languages. A lot of content of all kinds is posted, which you can comment on in various languages. So you can have the fun of a social network while practicing your language at the same time!

Mylanguageexchange is among the best known language exchange sites. Its reputation on the web is also very good. Lots of users find 1. many people to talk to 2. people available for regular language exchanges. And they are two different things! In fact, whatever the site you choose, you will see that at first you will have many contacts … but let’s say after about a month you will find yourself with only 2-3 people with whom you will speak regularly. Which are amply sufficient to make progress.

The MyLanguageExchange site looks like the others: you sign up, create a free profile and go in search of the millions of language partners available around the world. You can define the profile of your ideal correspondent: country, languages ​​spoken, age. So make a first selection.

There is no shortage of similar services, but I wanted to list the best language tandem sites to practice languages ​​online for free and save you time. I personally use iTalki a lot lately. For completeness of information, I also quote:

And if you prefer less virtual exchanges, you can take a look at our article on how to practice a foreign language by meeting people in the real world.

When you’ve found the right language tandem site for you, you have to go for it. When we published this article (we update it regularly), many of you wrote to us for advice on how to get involved in speaking and how to make the most of this language tool.

It is the starting point and also the most important one. If you want to make real progress, it is essential to find a linguistic correspondent who has the level in Italian that you have in English (or higher). So you will advance at the same pace.

Before starting your conversation in the language, you can prepare in advance the things to say or what you might need. In particular, an online dictionary in the language you are learning to keep open on your computer, your MosaLingua app to add new words, and one of our conversation guides. Everything at your fingertips.

A language exchange is usually a nice and pleasant meeting, you’ll see! If you don’t have fun, switch partners, otherwise you won’t be motivated to switch again. IS